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Donate a Fruit Tree (Edible Neighborhood Program)
Donate a Fruit Tree (Edible Neighborhood Program)

Donate a Fruit Tree (Edible Neighborhood Program)

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The Edible Neighborhoods program functions as a fruit tree orchard spread across our neighborhood.  This orchard will directly serve all neighbors living in the Edgewood/Kirkwood community by providing fresh, chemical-free, and affordable fruit to Unearthing Farm & Market. Unearthing Farm and Market is a new food initiative located on Memorial Drive providing equitable access to locally-grown and healthy food.

  By purchasing this item, you will be directly purchasing a fruit tree to be planted in a publicly-accessible space in Kirkwood/Edgewood!


Please read the information below before making a purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

What kind of trees can I get?

  • Species available: fig, apple, pear, plum, and nectarine
  • Trees are 4-5’ tall when planted
  • They take approximately 3 years to bear fruit

What is the pricing?

  • You can donate $50 toward the project, allowing us to be able to plant a tree in a neighbor’s yard who cannot afford it or in a publicly-accessible communal greenspace.
  • You can also donate $50/year to help maintain the trees.

Why should I participate?

  • When you purchase a fruit tree for this program, you are contributing directly back to your community, helping us create a more resilient and equitable local food system.
  • You can pick fruit from the tree and we will harvest the remainder
  • You will have access to other fruit in the neighborhood-wide orchard
  • We take care of the yearly maintenance: mulching, pruning, and fertilizing

What are the requirements?

  • Site must be located within either Kirkwood or Edgewood boundaries
  • Site must receive at least 4 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • Site must either be accessible to the community - along the street or in front-yard
  • We will place a sign/marker at each tree, so the public can identify and read about the program
  • You must allow us to access the tree for maintenance and harvesting
  • If you move away, you must tell the next resident that the tree is a part of our program