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Edible Landscaping Consultation (1-hour)

Our relationship will begin with an on-site consultation. One of our Edible Landscaping Consultants will visit your site to discuss your vision and conduct a detailed examination of your landscape. Once you request a booking we will reach out to schedule your consultation. Because every property and project is different and we want to give you the best possible service, we cannot book any work without first conducting an on-site consultation.

Included in every 1-hour site consultation is a 9-page, Comprehensive Site Analysis (or "CSA") report. A pdf copy of the report (see example below) is emailed to each client before their scheduled consultation. One of CoFo's Edible Landscape Consultants will review this information in more detail with you at your site. Regardless of if a client decides to move forward with a project or not, the CSA report remains in their possession and contains valuable information about their property that can be utilized to inform future DIY projects. 



CoFo is guided by permaculture ethics and principles, and central to the permaculture design process is understanding what is already happening with a site before considering a design. Analyzing "sectors" - a permaculture concept that refers to external, uncontrollable elements like climate, ecology, hydrology, topography, and society - allows us to gain this understanding, and enables better integration and capitalization of these elements in order to meet the desired goals of a client's property. (To learn more about the permaculture approach, see pgs. 1-2 in the CSA). CoFo's CSA report utilizes a number of geological data-gathering websites and software programs to compile important information about the below "sectors" that affect a client's property. It empowers both the consultants and clients with the information they need to approach site design in an ecologically-friendly and efficient way that works with, rather than against, nature. 

Sector data featured in the CSA includes:  
    • WATERSHED MAP (pgs. 3-4) - shows the "mini" and larger watersheds a client's property sits within. 
    • SITE TOPOGRAPHY (pg. 5) - shows the contour lines and slope of a client's property.
    • SOIL (pg. 6) - shows the soil series type(s) present on a client's property, which affect the soil's organic matter (OM), clay & sand content, percolation rate, and pH. 
    • WIND (pg. 7) - shows the direction and speed of prevailing summer and winter winds.
    • ANNUAL TEMPERATURES & PRECIPITATION (pg. 8) - shows annual and monthly averages for high and low temperatures, as well as annual precipitation.
    • SUN ANGLES (pg. 9) - shows the angle of the sunrise & sunset on the shortest (winter solstice) and longest (summer solstice) days of the year.  

Price: $150 - This includes your on-site consultation and CSA report. A landscape design rebate will be credited to your invoice when you purchase a minimum of $1,000 in services within three months of receipt of your quote.

Service Area: We service any addresses that are 10 miles or less from downtown Atlanta, according to Google Maps.

    For sites outside of our typical radius, email us for custom pricing (