Detailed Landscape Design

We like to provide our clients with as many options as possible when it comes to developing their edible landscape. Because of this, we offer landscape designs that will rid you of the workload associated with creating a beautiful landscape. Upon making a deposit for a design, one of our designers will visit your property and thoroughly go over the materials, services, and plants that you prefer. After the design is finished, we will be prepped and ready to begin your installation! We currently offer three tiers of design:

Perspective rendering with ~3-5 day turnaround - $200

Hand-rendered design with ~1 month turnaround - $1000

CAD-rendered design with ~2 month turnaround - $2000 (extra $500 for color)

The CAD rendering provides more refined and realistic imagery. The hand-rendered design offers a quicker turnaround with a more homey mock-up. Lastly, with our perspective renderings, we provide 1 image of your soon-to-be landscape with up to three iterations/tweaks to fine-tune the functionality and aesthetic. With each option we will provide a plant species list and a quote for installation. No matter the tier you choose, we are diligent to make sure your vision is well-accounted for. See below for some examples!

Perspective Rendering

 CoFo Hand Rendering


 CoFo CAD Rendering

Edible Landscape Design



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