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Detailed Landscape Design

Need help visualizing a long-term plan for your garden or landscape? Want a beautiful, and authentic work-of-art that can inspire you - as well as family, friends, and neighbors - to bring your foodscaping & eco-sustainable garden dreams to life? We've got you covered. Our landscape design options include Perspective Renderings (with ~1 week process - $200)   and Professional CAD Renderings (with ~1 month process - $2500 and an extra $500 for color). 

If you'd like a quick, conceptual design of an area of your property, our Perspective Renderings are the design option for you. Simply send us a picture of the area of interest, include a short description of your landscape vision & needs, and we'll have a realistic, 3D-rendered design sent back to you within one week.

If you're looking for a more robust and detailed package of design services, our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Rendering is the best option for you. This option includes:

— A Comprehensive Site Analysis (CSA) report that provides valuable data on the unique soil, water, sun, wind, and topographic conditions present on your property.

1-hour site visit with our designer, who will thoroughly review the materials, services, and plants that you prefer.

A beautiful, professional, and custom landscape design completed within one month of the site visit. (Up to two revisions included to ensure you are fully satisfied with the final design).

Detailed plant species & material lists (especially helpful if you're wanting to "DIY" your project)

A quote for installation, should you choose to have our talented CoFo install team help you with some or multiple phases of your landscape transformation.

Financing options available through Wisetack to help break design costs down into more affordable, monthly payments.

See below for some examples!

Perspective Rendering

 CAD Rendering